Saturday, March 9th 2019

Fast Meet! Unique March In: March in is a theatrical production with movie clips, action, stage lighting and fog machines. Our
competition format is geared toward speed, with very small groups, all rotations being bumped and
timed warm-ups are enforced with athlete’s safety in mind.

Tentative SCHEDULE

Session 1 Level 4

• 9:00am Warm-Up

• 9:15am Compete

• 11:30am Awards

Session 2 Level 5

• 12:00pm Warm-Up

• 12:15pm Compete

• 2:00pm Awards

Session 3 Level 6-10

• 2:30pm Warm-Up

• 2:50pm Compete

• 4:00pm Awards


*Sessions limited to 50 athletes.


Awards for our meet will be based on individual athlete performance. Everyone gets a medal and a trophy.

Free T-Shirt:
When sizes are emailed before Feb. 9th.

Team Awards:
Team awards will be a little different than other meets you have attended. We will be giving away airplane trophies. Each athlete will receive their own trophy. First place team athletes will choose first from the assorted trophies, then second etc…


• $80.00 Before February 9th

• $90 After February 9th


$5.00 Per Person

Free – Ages 5 and Under


Capitol Cup


• AAI NEW Elite P-Bars (AAI NEW Classic for Level 4)

• AAI Elite Pommel Horse

• AAI Vault Table

• AAI Tac Ten Board,

• AAI Stratum Board

• AAI Elite High Bar

• AAI Elite Ring Tower

• New 42×42 Baltic Birch with Palmer Spring & 2″Quad Lam Foam