The world of gymnastics is both exciting and enjoyable. As such, chances are that your little one will love it! A+ Athletics is a top provider of kids’ gymnastics in the Englewood and Denver areas. We focus on gymnastics classes for kids in our 20,000 square foot facility to promote a culture of healthy living and a love for the sport. Toddlers are full of energy and are often ready to take on exciting new challenges. While toddler gymnastics are adorable, they also offer a plethora of benefits for young developing minds and bodies. Today, we’ll take a quick look at how your child can benefit from our top-notch kids’ gymnastics services!

Physical Development

Exercise, for kids in general, tends to be a positive experience, but gymnastics itself focuses on weight-bearing actions. Studies have shown that this exercise promotes better bone density as we grow, reducing the likelihood of bone injuries later in life. Gymnastics for kids also builds the basis for promoting flexibility. When you are flexible, the chances of you sustaining an injury are lower.

Cognitive Benefits

Toddlers are in a state of constant development, where activities that require both hemispheres of the brain and the body itself are ideal for optimal growth. Gross motor skills are honed here as movements with arms and legs creates a better state of spatial awareness. Fine motor skills are also improved to a degree.

Better Coordination

Toddler gymnastics also helps to improve hand-eye coordination due to the high level of precision that is required for the sport. Children with poor coordination will tend to be more clumsy and floppy, tripping often and even sustaining injuries. Gymnastics is the perfect sport for improving coordination and giving your young athlete a platform for future success.

Listening Skills

A lifelong benefit of kids gymnastics is the value that is placed on proper listening and discipline early on in life. Our coaches place a strong emphasis on active listening and following directions to keep everyone both safe and happy. People who can take directions and stay on task tend to do much better in life, so why not instill this valuable skill in a fun, exciting format?

Toddler gymnastics is as beneficial as it is adorable. Your little one can benefit from one of our top-notch preschool classes. A+ Athletics has been a quality provider of kids gymnastics to Englewood and beyond, focusing on quality instructions to give young athletes the tools needed to succeed for a lifetime. Contact us today to find the perfect class for your child!