The world of kids gymnastics is a fun-filled place where children can learn valuable life lessons while building their teamwork and life skills to better equip them for adulthood. Combining discipline and fitness in a fun format is one reason why many parents enroll their children in competitive gymnastics. When it comes to finding a gymnastics club in Colorado, it’s important to sign on with a facility that offers the best facilities and staff in the state. A+ Athletics is proud to offer unbeatable gymnastics training in Englewood, providing young athletes with the physical and mental skills they need to thrive in life. Our 20,000 square foot facility is ideal for teaching gymnastics for beginners and masters alike, focusing on each Olympic event for both boys and girls.

Taking gymnastics classes in a fun and safe environment is one smart way of getting your child excited about fitness and team building. As a new parent to gymnastics, though, it can be hard keeping all of the rules and expectations straight in this new world. Today, we’ll discuss a few more tips to help you when your little one hits the mat for their first competition. When you’re ready, contact our fantastic gymnastics facility to learn more!

Be Supportive

As a parent, you’ll be your child’s biggest fan. As such, it’s important to ensure that you are supportive at all stages of their gymnastics career. Just like with sports, your athlete is bound to have a bad day at practice or at a meet. It’s also important to remember that our professional coaches only have so much to offer guidance, leaving the parent as the full-time coach at all times. Be sure to take the time and encourage them when needed to keep positive and continue improving. Life is all about perseverance, and it’s important to learn that tenacity in all endeavors can lead to a lifetime of success. Not only will your little athlete feel better after receiving your support, they will also feel more confident and ready to go back and hit the mat again.

Being supportive should also apply to other gymnasts that are performing. While cheering for your little one and his or her teammates is perfectly welcome, heckling is heavily looked down upon. The competitive spirit is what helps make many of our athletics great, but not at the price of sportsmanship. Be sure not to say anything negative about other participants in the competition whether they’re gymnasts, coaches, or other parents. When you’re positive and supportive for all gymnasts, everyone wins!

Minimize Makeup

Girls gymnastics often consists of parents who are excited to make their little athlete shine, yet the act of applying makeup is definitely frowned upon. The purpose of competitive gymnastics is to showcase the skills and hard work put in by young athletes. Excessive makeup may only work to create a distraction. Additionally, the dangers of utilizing too much makeup for a meet are present, especially during intensive movements. The last thing you want is for your little star to get makeup in their eyes, disrupting the performance and causing considerable discomfort in the process. Makeup is also troublesome in common areas where it residual products can be left on the mats, disrupting future performances.

Stay Off the Floor

It’s very important that you do not enter the competitive floor during an event. When parents step in and invade the competition space, the potential exists for conflict, not to mention the hampering of medical assistance of an injury occurs. We understand the pain and fear that can appear when your child is injured, but it is still important to stay off the mat. You can come down to the edge of the competitive floor to wait for coaches and trainers to step in and offer medical assistance, something that most hold a lot of experience in. Breaking these rules can affect your child and even their team’s performance, so be sure to abide by this rule!

Don’t Approach the Judges

Similar to interceding in the competition space, it’s important to not interrupt the judges during the event. Many parents, with better or worse intentions, will approach the judges’ bench to clarify a score or decision. If you are curious about the results of an event, you can turn to one of our gymnastics coaches for answers. It is never ok to approach the judges, so be sure to reach out to other quality sources for assistance!

When it comes to competing with a gymnastics club, it’s important that parents know the rules as well as their children. By acknowledging and following a few guidelines, parents will be able to create an atmosphere that is both safe encouraging for all of the young athletes involved. When you put your best foot forward, your child will have the best opportunity to excel. Finding a quality gymnastics facility can be beneficial for everyone involved. Denver residents can benefit from signing on with A+ Athletics. We offer the best gymnastics training in Englewood, and we’re excited to help your little star shine. Contact us today to learn more!