New Classes at 3:30pm

With summer nearing its end and the new school schedule going into effect, A+ Athletics will be opening a new hour of classes at 3:30pm. We are excited to be offering both recreational and preschool classes at this new hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Recreational Classes – This beginner level class for ages 6+ will begin as a coed class working on the skills of both men’s and women’s events. Athletes will follow skill progression that will help the young athletes build strength, flexibility, and confidence in a non- competitive environment.  As more athletes join this hour, we will be able to separate the boys and girls to focus on their specific gymnastics events.

Preschool Classes – This is the perfect coed class for 4-6 year olds. Lesson plans will explore both men’s and women’s events to build a foundation of flexibility and strength. Athletes will learn the basics of gymnastics, motor skills and coordination in a fun, yet structured and safe environment.