1. Gymnastics Benefits Boys

    Working as an aide at an elementary school, I hear many stories about the students’ extra-curricular activities and receive many inquiries about my own children. Having two teen daughters and a teen son, our family has participated in many different activities and sports over the years. I often share my experiences with hauling three kids to various activities, affording it all and making time f…Read More

  2. Weekend Open Gyms in Centennial Colorado

    Looking for a fun and safe way for your child to spend their Friday night? What about a way of getting rid of your child’s extra energy on a Saturday afternoon? A+ Athletics offers the perfect solution. Fridays from 7 to 10pm and Saturdays from 12- 2pm, children ages 4 to 17 can come play in the facility. A+ Athletics offer a 9,000 square foot facility; which includes 2 Olympic size spring bed t…Read More

  3. Pre-School Gymnastics… A Coaches Perspective

    Climbing, jumping, balancing and turning are the fundamental activities of a preschooler. They enjoy exploring the world and how they can move in it. Preschoolers are at the prime age for motor, social interaction, and instructional skills development. Gymnastics provides the perfect way to incorporate all three. Children begin to interact with peers when they are placed into a group. They learn h…Read More

  4. Centennial Gymnastics Gets Back to the Roots

    Gymnastics, one of the oldest sports in history, originated as a training program in ancient Greece. Men would gather in a large square room where they participated in numerous activities. The activities included weight lifting, running, jump, and flipping. As the sport made its way over to Rome, it began to develop into the more formal sport of today. The Romans added a block that athletes would …Read More

  5. A Plus Athletics Aurora Colorado – A parents perspective

    “For those of you looking for a gymnastics home, I hope you will take a look at A Plus Athletics near Aurora Colorado. My son, who is now nine years old, is a member of the APlus Athletics boys team near Aurora Colorado. He is a level four gymnast, and is working to become a level five. We first met Eric Oldham the owner and coach of APlus Athletics when he was a coach at Champion Gymnastics in …Read More