Gymnastics, one of the oldest sports in history, originated as a training program in ancient Greece. Men would gather in a large square room where they participated in numerous activities. The activities included weight lifting, running, jump, and flipping. As the sport made its way over to Rome, it began to develop into the more formal sport of today. The Romans added a block that athletes would run and jump over. This block was the beginning stages of the vault used today. They also began adding acrobatics into their training on various objects including horses, bars, and balls. The sport of gymnastics was refined in the 1896 Olympic Games where it included rope climbing, wrestling, and vaulting over bulls. Since this time, it has developed into a more classic sport involving the bars, beam, vault, trampoline, rings, and floor exercises. A+ Athletics is a facility that has gone back to the roots of gymnastics offering classes and training for girls and boys preschool aged to 17 yrs. The classes involve the very essence of the original gymnastics. Through circuit training and obstacles athletes are taught how to run jump and tumble like the ancient Romans while combining the events of current gymnastics to create a fun filled class for kids of all abilities. To sign-up for a free trial, contact A Plus Athletics at or call 303-953-7320.