Legend-High-SchoolKevin Patterson

Kevin-Senior-PictureAthletics has always been an important aspect throughout my life. From a young age, I was put in multiple kinds of sports from baseball, to basketball, to soccer and everything in between. However, the sport that stuck out to me as the most fun was of course the hardest sport one can do, gymnastics. Starting at the age of six, I began advancing my way through the classes and eventually on to the boys team.

I have competed in the USAG Men’s Gymnastics program for around seven years now. However, athletic competition was not strictly limited to gymnastics during my high school career as I was a varsity diver during my freshman year. As anyone involved with this sport can attest to, gymnastics requires a lot of time. Because of that, I ended up only competing one year of diving in high school so I could focus my time and energy towards my passion, gymnastics. Currently I train fifteen hours per week in the gym.

Thoughout my high school carrer I have pursued a rigorous academic college prep curriculum and have been able to maintain an excellent GPA (3.85). In addition to athletics and school, I have participated in National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society, and Thespian Society, as well as, being involved in Civil Air Patrol and holding down a job coaching a level four and five gymnastics team. My plans for the future include attending Colorado State University where I will participate in the Air Force ROTC cadet program.

regionals1regionals2Level: 10
Age Began Training: 6
How I Got Involved: My Stepfather Was a Gym Coach
Favorite Thing About Gymnastics: Double Backflips
Favorite Event: High Bar
Best Event: Pommel Horse & Parallel Bars
Hometown: Parker, Colorado
Favorite School Subject: Psychology
Hobbies: Any Outdoor Activities
(Skiing/Snowboarding, Biking, Hiking, Boating and Wakeboarding)
Favorite Meal: Steak
Favorite Animal: Wolf


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