Climbing, jumping, balancing and turning are the fundamental activities of a preschooler. They enjoy exploring the world and how they can move in it. Preschoolers are at the prime age for motor, social interaction, and instructional skills development. Gymnastics provides the perfect way to incorporate all three. Children begin to interact with peers when they are placed into a group. They learn how to take turns and follow directions while incorporating movement. Not only are they learning but they are also having fun in safe environment. A+ Athletics is the perfect place for a preschooler to grow and develop. Our classes are based on circuit training allowing children to always be moving. Circuit training means that we design our classes with stations in a circle so that students always have an activity to keep them busy and not idle. Circuits also teach them to follow in order and remember stations. Each circuit includes obstacles, colors, and counting allowing them to learn in different ways while burning off energy. Our youngest of gymnasts love spending time in the gym. They especially enjoy jumping on our trampolines and climbing through our foam pit. Come in for a free trial and see what your little one can learn. Contact A Plus Athletics at or call 303-953-7320.