“For those of you looking for a gymnastics home, I hope you will take a look at A Plus Athletics near Aurora Colorado. My son, who is now nine years old, is a member of the APlus Athletics boys team near Aurora Colorado. He is a level four gymnast, and is working to become a level five. We first met Eric Oldham the owner and coach of APlus Athletics when he was a coach at Champion Gymnastics in Littleton, Colorado.
When we first enrolled our son in gymnastics he was four years old and we were just looking for a recreational outlet for our son to burn some much needed energy. It wasn’t long before our son began coming home showing off some of the things he was learning from Eric and before long he began working out with the level four boys team.
I grew up in Texas, playing football, and I had never been around gymnastics. One of the things that I remember as a child playing football was how many bad coaches I had. Let’s just say there was a lot of yelling and not much positive reinforcement. One of the first things that I noticed watching my son in gymnastics practice was how quiet practice was. It was amazing to me how soft spoken Eric was with the kids. I don’t think in the four years that Eric has coached my son that I have ever heard him raise his voice (see Eric philosophy).
It was a coaching style that I had never been around before. It was amazing to me how organized practice was – without in raised voices. It was also amazing to me how positive Eric was with the kids. I remember asking him about his coaching approach one time; and he told me that he had read a child psychology book that recommended nine positive statements for each negative statement. It was then that it dawned on me that he took his job very seriously. So serious that he was reading child psychology books to learn how to be a better coach.
Another thing that I noticed about practice was how great the other kids were. All of the boys help one another, and are consistently cheering for their team mates. The team at A Plus is just a great group of boys. If you are thinking about enrolling you child in Gymnastics our family highly encourages you to take a good look at A Plus Athletics near Aurora Colorado.” parental security